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We are a Swiss creative studio specialized in Architectural, Interior, Exhibition and retail design as well as 3D rendering. 

With more than 10 years of experience, our multi-talented and creative team will ensure the best outcome at every step from conception to execution for every turnkey project.


One partner, one contact


We take great care of every project from conception to execution. Our team handles the design and technical development in close collaboration with our clients. Through our network of partners around the world, we are able to produce, deliver, install and store in every location. We personally secure the execution of your project and carry out quality controls to ensure the best result. With our turnkey service, we guarantee the best outcome at all levels as every step is monitored by our qualified team. We coordinate all the stakeholders and simplify the whole process, giving you a dedicated contact for every project.


Designed in Switzerland


The human factor is always in the core of our company. This makes us not only a small studio that cares about its great talents by linking creativity, passion and fun, but also a creative studio that dedicates itself entirely to its customers. We set the goal of always providing great flexibility and excellent customer service. The satisfaction of our clients and the well-being of our teams are always a central focus.

Our creative office is based in the pretty town of Vevey, facing Lake Geneva. We enjoy every day a beautiful landscape that inspires our designs by the beauty of the surrounding nature. The region is also known for its dynamism with numerous international firms that based their head quarters. We benefit the Swiss know-how and the innovation spirit of the area, keeping us on top of our creativity.

The strength of our creative studio lies in the multidisciplinarity of our talents and our experience in many fields of design. We combine our assets in our creations, making each project an incredible and innovative experience. We combine the qualities and advantages of each of our fields of expertise, making a retail concept as interactive and entertaining as an exhibition booth and as welcoming and warm as a private residence. Supported by our large network of partners, we can adapt our creations to all the requirements of our customers. We integrate the latest innovations to our concepts, making us a premium partner poviding a high-end service at a competitive price.


A strategic direction


We believe in making time as a group to analyze all projects as soon as they arrive. We ask the right questions, research and converse to get the bigger picture. Understanding every aspect of your needs before beginning the creative process is essential to us. It is of upmost importance to comprehend our clients’ demands, as this guarantees an efficient process and the best outcome.
This methodology defines us as a studio that not only prides itself in its capabilities, but also delivers excelence in each project, hitting the target everytime. 


An award winning team


No matter the task, our team is driven to deliver the highest creative and technical work, which is applied across all of our finished products.
We have won several awards such as an Architectural Award, Brescia Italy, Exhibition Booth Design Award, Chicago USA, Industrial Design Award for Punkt Co.